Rey of Hope

Rey of Hope
by Cordenia Paige, Copyright 2007 Bloggers Delight Vol 1

Antoine twirled his date on the dance floor and savored the view of her tight thighs as the yellow halter dress flared for his pleasure. In a very few hours those same thighs would be wrapped around his waist. He told his manhood to be patient: No embarrassing me here, now! Antoine smiled as her ample bosom pressed softly against his chest after this siren spun back to him. They hand-danced expertly, swinging and spinning hand in hand to the groove in true D.C. fashion. She flashed that stunning bright smile at him. Her hazel eyes coyly met his in an obviously practiced manner. Antoine could care less that he had not been and probably would not be the only one “up in her” this week; all he wanted was his chance to dip in it tonight.

The song drew to an end and he lead her off the dance floor. After paying the bar tab and heading toward the exit, Antoine proudly walked behind her as other men unabashedly admired her bountiful figure in passing. One or two even gave him "the nod and wink", the visual approval equivalent to ”dap”: that knuckle-to-knuckle greeting among male comrades. Antoine was feeling that 1991 was a great year to be a straight, Black man in the nation's capital. He was young, fun and full of… himself.

As they strolled hand in hand to his black Mazda RX-7 parked diagonally across from the club on 12th and K Street, Antoine thought he heard someone call his name, but he was focused on the matters at hand. Just as he settled her into the passenger's side and headed around to the driver's side he looked up and saw his brother walking towards him.

"Wha's up, Corey? What you doin' out here this late, man?" Antoine slapped his brother's hand and pulled him in for a quick hug.

"Just leaving the office." Corey shrugged.

"It's almost midnight. But, you know what you do is your business."

Corey smirked, "You know I don't roll like that. We got a big case coming up. Shit, I really have more work to do, but I gotta get home to my Lena. Speaking of, who's the young lady and why're you being rude?"

Corey cut his eye disapprovingly as he leaned down and extended his hand in through the driver's side, "How you doin'? I'm Corey."

"Sheila. Nice to meet you." she cooed and smiled.

"Likewise." Corey stood back up to his full 6'2" frame and looked Antoine in the eye. "Well, Li'l Bruh. I'm going home to my wife. Y'all be easy."

"Aiight, man. I'll see you at Ma's on Sunday."

Antoine sighed and rolled his eyes as he settled behind the wheel. He knew by Corey's look that he was gonna get beef on Sunday, no matter what their mother had on the menu.

"You alright, Boo?" Sheila asked as she stroked the back of Antoine's head and neck.
Antoine looked down at her and the promise of all to come...literally, shook off his brother's judgmental look and grinned, "Yea, Sexy. Everything is 'kool and the gang'." He started the engine, put the car into gear and headed toward her place -- sliding his hand beneath her dress and between her thighs.

# # #

"What the hell are you thinking?" Corey whispered into the phone. Though he was in his office, Corey kept his voice low because his secretary often came into his office without advance notice when he was handling a seriously important case. But, he felt the need to call his brother and get this off his chest. This could not wait until Sunday's dinner.

Antoine was on his way home and he did not want to hear this, now. He didn't want to hear it at all, really, so he figured he might as well get it over with. Maybe, if he was lucky, this early call meant that Corey wouldn't bring it up in front of the family. "What, man? Why you trippin'? You act like I'm stepping out on you. Damn! Is this what marriage does to a man: take his balls?"

"You lucky I'm at work. All I'm sayin' is, in a way you are stepping out on me. I'm the one who hooked you up with Reyna, remember? So, you know who gets the backlash? See, I should've known better. I thought you were ready to chill with one steady sistah."

"I do want one steady chick for public affairs. Look here, Big Bruh, you know I'm not getting married anytime soon if that's what you're crying about. Hell, I'm sure Reyna knows it, too!"

Corey inhaled slowly and exhaled as he calmed himself. "Look, Man. You been seeing Reyna almost a year, now. Y'all are in your mid-twenties and you don't think she's hanging in here for marriage? You really don’t know women, do you? You've got to break it off with her and now. I will not stand by and watch you do this to Reyna, and if Lena finds out that I actually know you're cheating on her… Let's just say the Sistah-hood is going to come down on me, hard. Maannn, Reyna's really good people who deserves a brother who will appreciate more than her regular willingness to be at your beck and call."

"I can't break up with her now, Corey. We're going out tonight. Maybe after Sunday dinner it'll be easier."

"Antoine, if Reyna shows up for dinner this Sunday, I'm going to tell her in front of the entire family. I know that would crush her, but I'm tired of you doing this to women. After Reyna, I won't care anymore. She was your nephew's first grade teacher for Chrissakes. I thought she could even turn a knucklehead like you around. She's smart, fine as hell and will make a great mother."

"Damn, Bruh, it sounds like you had a crush on Ms. Crabtree your dayum self." Antoine hoped his remark would get Corey to lighten up. It didn’t.

"Didn't you learn anything from Daddy's bullshit? Women today don't stick with you like that. If Ma were thirty years younger she would've been left Daddy and taken his kids and emptied his bank account. Save yourself and Reyna some headache. End it tonight…before you hit it. Can you do me that favor? Leave the woman with some shred of dignity. From here on I'll stay out of your social affairs."

"Bet. If this will get you to leave me alone, consider it ended."

"Thanks, Antoine. I'll holla at you later; the shit's about to hit the fan up in here with this workload."

"Cool, I'll see you later, Big Bruh."

Antoine clicked the end button on his cell phone with slight attitude. He was on his way home from Sheila's, and the last thing he had wanted to hear was his brother giving him grief about Reyna or anything else. He needed to shower again and get dressed to meet downtown with one of his real estate clients. Antoine sighed heavily and realized he was relieved. He had tried to keep his side women away from his family, but got too comfortable. Antoine knew Corey's law firm was near that spot last night, but figured it was way past the time when anyone with a day job would be out during the week. Honestly, Antoine knew it was time to break it off with Reyna, anyway. She was a sweet heart, but he had gotten complacent with her. His family loved her, so it made it easy to have her around them. Scrolling through his Rolodex mentally, Antoine decided that Sheila might be up for being his public showpiece. At least with her there would be no strings attached. She definitely knew what time it was.